Staging a Technology Intervention

Who else is guilty of this??
I am one of the worst tech addicts I know. My phones (one business and one personal) are constantly in my hand.It’s even worse since I moved abroad as it’s my link to home. I definitely need to ween myself off and give my brain a break!!

Transitions in my Life

I love my phone.  I love Facebook.  I love taking pictures.  I love IMDB. I love checking my e-mail.  I love playing games.  I love pinning on Pinterest.  I love texting.

I love all of these things (and many more) on my phone but I’m also ashamed of my addiction to my phone so I continue to make tiny efforts to wean myself away from my phone and I’ve found the one thing that really makes me aware of my own behaviors is seeing other people’s behaviors.

When I’m out in public and take the time to look up from my phone these are some of the things I might see:

A.  A fantastic event going on around me
B.  Everyone looking at me because they’ve said something but I’ve been scrolling through Facebook reading about friends who aren’t right in front of me
C.  Everyone else staring at their…

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Building An Expat Business….Life is Never What It Appears To Be!

Building An Expat Business….Life is Never What It Appears To Be!

I’m sat at my computer attempting to write my first blog post in over 2 weeks! Life has been pretty crazy here in Italy. In the space of a few weeks almost everything about my life has changed and definitely for the better.

It is pretty challenging trying to set up any kind of business in Italy, the bureaucracy is unlike anything I have ever experienced before and the whole country in general seems to be at least 20 years behind in terms of technology and business process…I find myself bashing my head against a brick wall more often than not! but I will continue and see where this journey leads me!

It hasn’t all been work though! Over the past couple of weeks I have visited the World Cup Ski-ing in Meribel during the week (a rare trip away without husband and children) and experienced my 1st taste of Dutch week with my crazy friends from the town that we ski in at a weekend (with the husband and children this time of course).

My challenge now, is to take advantage of every precious moment that I have left of our posting, to build a strong network of friends and contacts and a business that thrives and can sustain our dreams.  For me there is simply no other option.

Thank you for taking the time to read 🙂

Emma x

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Building an Expat Business…….Taking a Risk

When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone? 

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and taking on new challenges and testing yourself is a great way of breaking free from the same old routines.

I am interested in some of the chances and risks that others have taken and how they have paid off. I am also interested in those risks that didn’t pay off but provided a valuable learning tool for the next great adventure.

I truly believe that in order for one to succeed you should “stick your neck out” and get out of your comfort zone. 

Whether small or large, everyday minutia or life changing decision, every risk we take forces us to keep, moving, learning and growing. This is the key to personal development and drives me everyday.

My life is full of risk and challenge at the moment, I find it thrilling, exciting, exhausting and terrifying all at the same time. To see my latest challenges then click here 🙂

 My question is what is your next challenge going to be? 

Have a great week

Emma x

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Building an Expat Business…Speaking the Language

I am currently sat waiting for my Italian lesson to begin at the local course  in Chieri. My Italian is basic to say the least and I have found myself attending lessons for 6 hours a week to help me to improve as quickly as possible….

The ability to communicate is a skill that we all take for granted in everyday life.It is the foundation for all of our relationships be it with friends, family or in business and to find that my ability to communicate has been reduced to almost zero has been one of the greatest challenges in my move to Italy.

For the first few weeks after I arrived I could only speak with about 5 stock phrases. Hardly enough to have a grown up conversation!! Fortunately I have made friends who speak both Italian and English and thanks to their patience and my amazing tutor I feel like I am making a little progress…but not fast enough, my patience is wearing thin 😉

This was reinforced last night by several phone calls and emails which had to be made to potential new contacts. Some had a little English, I had a little Italian but I kept getting stuck!! Imagine my horror when my husband (who speaks amazingly well) had to rescue me each and everytime.

Needless to say I am back in class this morning with renewed determination and a plan to watch as much Italian TV and listen to as much Italian radio as possible.

Wish me luck….I may need it

Have a great day


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