Staging a Technology Intervention

Who else is guilty of this??
I am one of the worst tech addicts I know. My phones (one business and one personal) are constantly in my hand.It’s even worse since I moved abroad as it’s my link to home. I definitely need to ween myself off and give my brain a break!!

Transitions in my Life

I love my phone.  I love Facebook.  I love taking pictures.  I love IMDB. I love checking my e-mail.  I love playing games.  I love pinning on Pinterest.  I love texting.

I love all of these things (and many more) on my phone but I’m also ashamed of my addiction to my phone so I continue to make tiny efforts to wean myself away from my phone and I’ve found the one thing that really makes me aware of my own behaviors is seeing other people’s behaviors.

When I’m out in public and take the time to look up from my phone these are some of the things I might see:

A.  A fantastic event going on around me
B.  Everyone looking at me because they’ve said something but I’ve been scrolling through Facebook reading about friends who aren’t right in front of me
C.  Everyone else staring at their…

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