Building an Expat Business….Getting Motivated

Building an Expat Business….Getting Motivated

I’m feeling annoyed with myself this morning…. The past few weeks have flown by in a blur. An endless round of nights away (Meribel for the Ski World Cup Final) finishing up my first season of ski-ing and saying our farewells to all the amazing friends we made along the way, entertaining visitors (who are still here but are out doing the sightseeing thing with the hubby this morning!) and generally living life to the absolute fullest.

I have been working in the background of course but when I look back over the last few weeks I feel like I have been extremely unproductive! and so…. with this in mind I have decided the only thing to do is to get myself back on track and make a plan…

1) I am going to turn the balcony outside our spare room into an outdoor office, to enjoy the sunshine while I work.

2) I am going to get the hubby to paint the indoor office AND I am going to actually use it(when it is raining of course)!

3) I am going to draw up a daily work schedule and stick to it!

4) I am going to make sure I know everything I can about the business opportunity  that I am involved with!

5) I am going to revisit and update my business plan adding mini targets and goals for myself.

6) I am going to create a task list of all those things I have intended to do but haven’t quite got around to.

Looks like the rest of the week will be a busy one for me! I will let you know how I get on 🙂

If you think of anything I have missed that has been successful for you then do let me know!!

Emma x


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