A Brief Overview To Driving Traffic

Hi guys,

I wanted to write a brief introduction this morning with regards to driving traffic (both free and paid) and talk about some of the methods I use to drive traffic to my opportunities and blogs to get sign ups.

Traffic is the lifeblood of any business and as this blog progresses I will be covering this topic in much more detail..I am aware however, that some people have just set up their business and need some practical tips to get traffic flowing to their offer now..

So what is traffic? Well traffic is the stream of visitors we direct to our opportunities  in the hope that they will either buy our products or sign up and become our business partners and team members. Without traffic no one will see your opportunity or product and your business will almost certainly fail!

The first thing you need to do when starting to buy traffic is to set yourself a budget, I cannot emphasise how important it is to make a traffic plan and stick to it! Being consistent and building a list of contacts is the only way to build your business and then scale up!

The second thing I would recommend that you do is find a good marketing system I would recommend Power Lead System, so that you can start to learn about lead capture pages, sales pages and autoresponders (I will cover this in another blog post in the near future.It is not a necessity to go ‘all in’ if you are on a tight budget and there are free trials and low cost starter packages but it really does help with conversions, lead management and automating your business if you have a marketing management system in place. It is also important that you get to the more advanced packages as soon as you are able to financially!

So on to the traffic!!

The first way I get traffic is through solo ads and other methods of paid traffic..I use websites including MLM leads and Udimi depending on my budget…traffic quality and service varies and it is always wise to research the vendor before you buy from them..For some sellers you will need to write your own email swipe and from others it is included in the price of the traffic (I will write a post on email swipes in the near future)

The second way I get traffic is through Futurenet and Futureadpro. Futurenet is a social media platform that is proving very lucrative for promoting to other business users. Futurenet is free to join but also has a business model and products to sell which you can use if you choose! Futureadpro is a rev share that allows you to advertise your business through targeted adverts linking to your website. I am having great success with this programme at the minute and I also use the rev share generated to buy more traffic!

If you are on a particularly tight budget and need low cost traffic I would recommend looking at Leasedadspace…They sell some really low cost packages that are actually generating opt ins and leads…traffic exchanges can also be used to generate leads internally  or externally  by clicking on adverts..for each advert you click on you earn a visitor to your opportunity..you can also pay for traffic packages.I have also used Traffup and Trafficadbar with some success.

The final way I create traffic for my opportunity is through, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and other social media platforms. You gain leads on social media by writing interesting content, articles and posts and sharing them in the hope of building relationships and getting interest in your businesses. This method is time consuming and relies on being quite creative with your content..spamming your link does not count!!Again I will be covering social media in more detail in an upcoming post.

Please be aware that any online business takes persistence and effort to build. I am committed to helping you to achieve your goals and many tips and strategies will follow over the next weeks, months and years…

Please feel free to connect with me on Facebook (Click Here) or via Futurenet (Click Here) if you have any questions.

Emma x


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