How to build a business that works while you play.

Hi guys,

It’s been a few days! I have been back in the UK visiting family and friends before the ski season begins. My life has taken a massive turn over the past few years. I work really hard building my businesses during the week and at weekends I ski and spend time with family and friends and to be perfectly honest…I am having the time of my life…it really is a path to freedom

It’s very simple really…it’s all about having a plan..I have chosen the programs I am working with very carefully and now my main focus is simply driving traffic to those programs…

Many people working online kind of understand the importance of traffic BUT they don’t really get how VITAL it is to success…it is ALL about the traffic..

If you are in a traditional bricks and mortar business the traffic is footfall and word of mouth referrals with maybe some internet and traditional advertising thrown in..

If you are online then your traffic comes from Facebook, Social Media, Blogs,Youtube and paid for traffic…it is so important that you get eyeballs on your don’t have to be the most creative person in the world but you do need to talk about your opportunities! If you afraid to talk about your business then how on earth do you expect to succeed! YOU need to believe in your business before others will believe in you!

People email me and message me on Facebook all of the time..they want to know how I am building my team..I keep telling is all about traffic! and it’s all about having a plan!..SO..what exactly is the plan..

Well in a nutshell…I use Futureadpro and Futurenet along with Power Lead System to create and manage leads…I email out to those leads EVERY DAY promoting the other opportunities and programs that I am involved in..I create those leads by writing Facebook posts and blog posts and I also purchase as much online traffic as I can least $50 worth EVERY week…(a little tip..the paid for traffic is especially helpful on really busy..or really lazy can give you that little extra oommpphh when you need a boost!)

At the moment the paid traffic I use to generate leads are Leasedadspace and MLM Leads . I use these programs to drive as much traffic as I can to my businesses..I purchase this traffic with money earned in Futurenet and Futureadpro, my Powerlead System is now self sustaining and any extra funds go directly into my pocket and that is it! There is no magic! It is all about making a plan, setting yourself a budget and then getting as many people as you possibly can to see you offer..

Once you actually have people looking at your offer it is important that you help and support them and eventually nurture them into becoming a leader in their own is no good developing a team full of blind followers if they are not prepared to duplicate and lead their own teams..

That is it really…it is as simple as that!

Emma x





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