Futureadpro (Futurenet has it’s own page)

Futurenet and Futureadpro is a platform that I have been using for around 8 months to advertise and promote my online businesses. I mainly use it to drive visitors to my other online opportunities as I know that people using Futureadpro already have an interest in building online businesses and know how to build and promote them. In a nutshell I buy advertising packages (adpacks) as well of sets of 1000 ad views and I use these views to build an email list, market to that email list and ultimately to make sales and commissions. It isn’t any more difficult than that and I truly believe that anyone can use this system with great results to get eyeballs on their offers as well as adding another stream of income to their business portfolio.

Futureadpro is suitable for any business with a website..whether that business is bricks and mortar or online. Every business needs traffic (that traffic could be clicks on websites or footfall to physical stores) in order to survive..if no one is seeing you products, services and opportunities then you are destined to fail!

It’s very simple to get started with Futureadpro you sign up as a free member by clicking here and you purchase a $10 or a $50 adpack depending on your budget and the amount of views you require to your website.

After purchasing your adpack you literally create a simple text ad of 3 lines (in these 3 lines you should attempt to capture the viewers interest and get them to click your link)..you then pop your link at the bottom of the text ad and decide exactly which demographic you want to target! Then assign your views and off you go!

If you want to watch a video and find out more about Futureadpro just click here..then you can always revisit this blog if you want to read the detail!

As with any “rev share” style program you earn commission on sales of adpacks depending on how many people you refer to the program, which status you currently have and you also earn a percentage of profit dependent on sales.

This profit is a maximum of 20% over and above your initial purchase, so for a $50 adpack you can typically expect to receive a maximum of $60 in revshare earnings back over a periods of time (please note..the rev share is entirely dependent on sales of products and advertising across the platform and is simply a proportion of the companies daily earnings)..the company typically pays out a slower pace when compared to other rev share companies because the owners want to have a stable and viable platform…there is also a cap of 1000 ($50) adpacks and 100 ($10) adpacks depending on your status.

It is very important when participating in these programs that you understand that when you purchase an adpack you are paying for targeted advertising to a very specific audience..the revshare element is a bonus and should not be taken for granted.

I personally use the revshare and commission components of Futureadpro to purchase other forms of external traffic and further build my email list..I detail the outline of this plan in another post..but fr those of you who want to take a sneaky peek now you can click here to see my path to freedom.

One other thing to mention is that if you become a member of Futureadpro then you also automatically become a member of Futurenet and any friends or referrals are also tied to you in the system! This will also remain true for any other business launches within the brand portfolio.

In summary..as with any business (bricks and mortar or online) you should do your homework and only invest what you can afford to lose..but in all honesty I have had great results from using this platform to promote my existing businesses and in the process I have also added an extra income stream…I would recommend signing up as a free member..joining my Facebook group and deciding if this opportunity is a good fit for you and your existing business portfolio..for other methods of driving traffic please also check out Leasedadspace and Traffic Token for great results!

To join my team in Futurenet/Futureadpro just click here

Emma x



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