In April 2014 my family were posted to Turin, Italy….We are a typical RAF family, with 2 children –  Ashton (10) and Annabelle (8). We have always lived in the UK and neither of us have ever learned a language before. I left my job, my family and everything I have ever known to take up the challenge of beginning the adventure of a lifetime and I am loving every moment.

Now however, I am ready to go back to work…there’s just one snag!…. my Italian is terrible…improving but still pretty bad, no way good enough to take a job in Italy!!!  and so (after much consideration) ….I am taking the plunge…I am setting up a business using the knowledge and experience I have gained in the business world and applying it to online marketing.

I have previous experience in setting up businesses and a BA Hons in Business Studies but how will I fare… I am aiming to document my journey with all its successes and failures.  I hope that this blog may inspire others to follow their dreams and take a chance or even just provide a little entertainment for those dull afternoons. I will also throw in a little about the challenges we face in moving to a new country and some of the mishaps and successes we have along the way. Hopefully it will be fun 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Emma x


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