Top 5 Tips To Follow When Planning The Key To Your Online Success

Have you ever wondered why some people make it online and others fail..

It is a fact that only a relatively small percentage of those that try to make it online will succeed and this is down to persistence and coachability rather than education and background!

The network marketing, affilliate marketing and multi-level marketing industries are amazing if worked properly, they are the only forms of business that I have found that offer a completely level playing field. With the right attitude and mindset, literally anyone can become successful in this industry but you need to work at it to make it work!

Here are the top 5 tips I can give you when starting your online journey…

1. Be coachable. Network marketing is a business that is based on duplication. Those who’ve already been successful will share their secrets to success, and all you need to do is listen and then do what they tell you. The number one reason why people fail online is because they do not listen..they want to reinvent the wheel..instead of listening to those who have been there, done it and got the paycheck, people let ego get in the way..successful people tend to listen, learn,take action and duplicate!

2. Work. Network marketing has probably produced more millionaires than any other industry, and although each of those people built their businesses with different companies and using different methods, they all had one thing..a strong work ethic..

Network and affiliate marketing isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme; you only make money through hard work. In this business persistence is the key to success..If you treat your business as a hobby then it will pay like a order to succeed you must put in the work everyday!

3. Develop your dreams, goals and objectives. Studies show that very few people take the time to write down their dreams and goals, yet those who do achieve usually achieve a high level of success. Identify your dreams first…if time and money weren’t an issue..what would your life look like? Where would you live? How would you spend your free time? Describe your dream house in great detail. Get a mental image of your dream cars, holidays, wardrobe, lifestyle and so on….

Use those dreams to develop your goals…A dream is the big picture, and goals are the steps that will get you to your dreams.The goal might be an increase in monthly income in order to afford the payment on that dream car you were imagining..

Next, you break your goals down into smaller objectives (each objective should be achievable to avoid a loss of motivation and should be a step towards achieving your goal!). Each day, you should review your dreams, goals and objectives in order to determine your daily activities.

4. Be persistent but do it consistently. Most network marketers give up too early. They see working online as a way to “get rich quick”, in actual fact nothing about this business is get rich quick..It takes time to build any kind of business and an online business is no different!. You’re going to have to contact a lot of people and put up with a great deal of rejection before you break through. However, it’s the person who is consistently persistent who will succeed.

If you’re duplicating a successful system, the only thing separating you from success is time. When things are hard, just keep going, remember that every no is another step towards a yes!

5. Make as many friends as you can! One of the most important things in network marketing is connecting with can only be successful online if you help others to become need to focus on making a million friends instead of making a million dollars. If you never talk to anyone and never connect with anyone then you are never going to build a  successful business! We are in the business of helping people and that should always be your focus! We are a community of problem solvers! Once you master that concept then you will see your business progress in leaps and bounds..

If this article has been useful then you can visit my opportunities page and see some of the programs that I am involved in..

Emma x


Futurenet (Futureadpro has it’s own page!)

Futurenet  (I am covering Futureadpro on a seperate page as there is just so much information!)

Futurenet and Futureadpro are interlinked sister sites that I have been using for around 8 months to advertise and promote my online businesses, build an email list and make commissions. I love the platform, it is well thought out, offers real products and the progression and development on the site as a networking marketing tool is amazing!. I know that some are wary but if you use this site as a basis to build your primary businesses then it can be a truly powerful method to connect with others and promote your online businesses. In my opinion Futurenet/Futureadpro should NOT be used as a standalone business but primarily as a tool to promote and advertise your existing bricks and mortar or online businesses.

If you want to watch a video and find out more about Futurenet just click can always revisit this blog if you want to read the detail!

So what is Futurenet?

Futurenet is a social media platform with a similar user experience to Facebook. Quite simply you sign up as a free member, you add friends and make contacts, you post about your opportunities, you create groups and you use the platform to capture leads and promote your existing businesses to other network marketers. There are no friends caps and there is no Facebook jail. It is a truly limitless way to expand your network and connect with like minded individuals who are looking to promote and enhance their existing opportunities. When you first sign up to Futurenet it can look incredibly confusing as there are just so many ways that the platform can be used but I would recommend that you join me here and keep reading and I will try and take you through the basics as simply as possible.

Other bonus’s and commissions are available to those who become active as paying members for as little as $10 via the Friends Tree structure..this structure allows users to purchase media points in order to buy the products and in return gives them access to making a variety of commissions and bonus’. I’ve listed them below:

  1. Social Media Bonus (you can earn this bonus as a free member)
  2. Multimedia Bonus
  3. Sales Bonus
  4. Friends Bonus
  5. Matching Bonus
  6. Leader Bonus
  7. Career Plan (prizes)

Social Media Bonus – As a free member you do get the opportunity to earn a social media bonus within the platform..this social media bonus is rewarded for liking, posting and sharing content on the platform as well as interacting with other users via the chat button. The social media bonus is not going to make you a millionaire but it is a small reward for being active on the site and over time it does add up!

Multimedia Bonus – If you can make anything from music to e-books, videos to banners, games to apps, you can make money on FutureNet. FutureNet offers you the chance to sell your multimedia files on its platform. Because the platform has so many users, you have a good chance of someone finding something that you can offer. All you have to do is load your files in the “Products” tab, specify the price you want to charge and wait for the downloads to come flooding in. Every time someone downloads your multimedia, whatever it may be, you will earn cash.The products you can sell include: music, video, images, movies, games, banners, templates, tutorials, apps, e-books, e-learning. You must be a premium member to sell your media. You can become a premium member for as little as $10.

Sales Bonus – You will receive 30% commission for every FutureNet product you sell. Not only this, but every sale that your referrals, and also their referrals, make you will receive a commission. You will receive between 3% and 5% commissions, depending on the level of the referral..the products include landing pages (to market the system), Future Cloud, the Momentum System, Future Blog, Future Video Mail and several games. I currently use the games, the momentum system and the Futurenet Blog and am very happy with the products I have been testing. I will cover the products in greater detail in a future blog.

Friends Bonus – When you sign up (for free), decide the system is a good fit for your business and that you want to become a paying member, you will be entered into a matrix…Where you fall in the matrix will be dependent on the level you choose to participate in, in FutureNet. The amount that you choose to start with ranges from $10 to $1,685. FutureNet uses a  3x3x3 structure which means that there are three layers from your sponsor where referrals will be placed. One person can only fill up three referral positions in his first layer, second layer, third layer and so on. This ensures that we all have a fair chance of making commissions from referring, rather than just one person with thousands of referrals. The Friends Bonus goes up to 10 levels of commission, each level of commission being 5%.

Matching Bonus – The matching bonus is one of the most important ways that you can make money on FutureNet. You can earn up to 50% commissions, based on the income of your personal partners from the Friends Bonus. This ranges from 10% to 50%, depending on your level (between $10 and $1,685). It doesn’t matter how many Personal Partners you have, you can receive up to 50% matching bonus from each one.

Leader Bonus –  With the Leader Bonus you get a share of income from all your structure without any depth limits, from the first level, to infinity. In other words if you do a great job referring people to your team, you will earn an extra bonus.

Career Plan – The final bonus available to Futurenet members is the career plan..there are several prizes which become available to members as you become more active within Futurenet and attain a certain amount of points within the system.

One other thing to mention is that if you become a member of Futurenet then you also automatically become a member of Futureadpro and any friends or referrals are also tied to you in the Futureadpro system! This will also remain true for any other business launches within the brand portfolio.

In with any business (bricks and mortar or online) you should do your homework and only invest what you can afford to lose..but in all honesty I have had great results from using this platform to promote my existing businesses and in the process I have also added an extra income stream…I would recommend signing up as a free member..joining my Facebook group and deciding if this opportunity is a good fit for you and your existing business portfolio..for other methods of driving traffic please also check out Leasedadspace and Traffic Token for great results!

To join my team in Futurenet/Futureadpro just click here
Emma x


How to build a business that works while you play.

Hi guys,

It’s been a few days! I have been back in the UK visiting family and friends before the ski season begins. My life has taken a massive turn over the past few years. I work really hard building my businesses during the week and at weekends I ski and spend time with family and friends and to be perfectly honest…I am having the time of my life…it really is a path to freedom

It’s very simple really…it’s all about having a plan..I have chosen the programs I am working with very carefully and now my main focus is simply driving traffic to those programs…

Many people working online kind of understand the importance of traffic BUT they don’t really get how VITAL it is to success…it is ALL about the traffic..

If you are in a traditional bricks and mortar business the traffic is footfall and word of mouth referrals with maybe some internet and traditional advertising thrown in..

If you are online then your traffic comes from Facebook, Social Media, Blogs,Youtube and paid for traffic…it is so important that you get eyeballs on your don’t have to be the most creative person in the world but you do need to talk about your opportunities! If you afraid to talk about your business then how on earth do you expect to succeed! YOU need to believe in your business before others will believe in you!

People email me and message me on Facebook all of the time..they want to know how I am building my team..I keep telling is all about traffic! and it’s all about having a plan!..SO..what exactly is the plan..

Well in a nutshell…I use Futureadpro and Futurenet along with Power Lead System to create and manage leads…I email out to those leads EVERY DAY promoting the other opportunities and programs that I am involved in..I create those leads by writing Facebook posts and blog posts and I also purchase as much online traffic as I can least $50 worth EVERY week…(a little tip..the paid for traffic is especially helpful on really busy..or really lazy can give you that little extra oommpphh when you need a boost!)

At the moment the paid traffic I use to generate leads are Leasedadspace and MLM Leads . I use these programs to drive as much traffic as I can to my businesses..I purchase this traffic with money earned in Futurenet and Futureadpro, my Powerlead System is now self sustaining and any extra funds go directly into my pocket and that is it! There is no magic! It is all about making a plan, setting yourself a budget and then getting as many people as you possibly can to see you offer..

Once you actually have people looking at your offer it is important that you help and support them and eventually nurture them into becoming a leader in their own is no good developing a team full of blind followers if they are not prepared to duplicate and lead their own teams..

That is it really…it is as simple as that!

Emma x




This blog is Back Online….

Good morning guys,

It has been forever since I have posted on here…so I wanted to give you an update with regards to what I have been doing…

It has been a busy few months and I have barely opened my laptop so what have I been doing?..I got completely and utterly fed up with the bureaucracy of trying to set up an import/export business in Italy…quite frankly it is a nightmare and while I absolutely adore this country and the people that live here I can see why it has so many economic issues at the minute…things are changing but it is a minefield at the moment and while things have been ticking along with that side of the business I have been focusing on other things.

I haven’t been standing still..I have obtained my TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language ) qualification and I have been doing some business consultancy work. I have also been working in partnership with the ASEI school of Language in Torino to give Business English mentoring to Senior Management and Executives in Torino who wish to improve their chances of interacting with businesses in the UK…so it’s been busy.

Probably the most exciting development in my quest to establish a business while I have ex pat status has been my discovery of network marketing. I am so excited for what is to come…

So there we go…a little update….

Have a great day 🙂

Emma x





Building an Expat Business….Getting Motivated

Building an Expat Business….Getting Motivated

I’m feeling annoyed with myself this morning…. The past few weeks have flown by in a blur. An endless round of nights away (Meribel for the Ski World Cup Final) finishing up my first season of ski-ing and saying our farewells to all the amazing friends we made along the way, entertaining visitors (who are still here but are out doing the sightseeing thing with the hubby this morning!) and generally living life to the absolute fullest.

I have been working in the background of course but when I look back over the last few weeks I feel like I have been extremely unproductive! and so…. with this in mind I have decided the only thing to do is to get myself back on track and make a plan…

1) I am going to turn the balcony outside our spare room into an outdoor office, to enjoy the sunshine while I work.

2) I am going to get the hubby to paint the indoor office AND I am going to actually use it(when it is raining of course)!

3) I am going to draw up a daily work schedule and stick to it!

4) I am going to make sure I know everything I can about the business opportunity  that I am involved with!

5) I am going to revisit and update my business plan adding mini targets and goals for myself.

6) I am going to create a task list of all those things I have intended to do but haven’t quite got around to.

Looks like the rest of the week will be a busy one for me! I will let you know how I get on 🙂

If you think of anything I have missed that has been successful for you then do let me know!!

Emma x

Building an Expat Business…….Taking a Risk

When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone? 

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and taking on new challenges and testing yourself is a great way of breaking free from the same old routines.

I am interested in some of the chances and risks that others have taken and how they have paid off. I am also interested in those risks that didn’t pay off but provided a valuable learning tool for the next great adventure.

I truly believe that in order for one to succeed you should “stick your neck out” and get out of your comfort zone. 

Whether small or large, everyday minutia or life changing decision, every risk we take forces us to keep, moving, learning and growing. This is the key to personal development and drives me everyday.

My life is full of risk and challenge at the moment, I find it thrilling, exciting, exhausting and terrifying all at the same time. To see my latest challenges then click here 🙂

 My question is what is your next challenge going to be? 

Have a great week

Emma x

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