Using Leasedadspace’s Personal Blog to Promote Your Business…

Hi all!

So…who is using the blog at Leasedadspace?..I published a few test pages 5 days ago to see what would happen and if it was worth using and the views are starting to come in..

My advice to you guys is to use everything at your disposal to get exposure for your websites and programmes!

Get as many eyeballs on your opportunities as possible! If programmes give you tools then use don’t even have to have a paid for package to use just need to sign up as a free member..if you are a member my advice is to upgrade through the packages as quickly as possible..being a red diamond allows you to send a solo every 48 hours and have monthly text and banner ad impressions..if you are not a member you can watch a video explaining things here

Also if you are a member of Leasedadspace don’t forget to set up your Coinbase,Payza and STP links so that you can earn your commissions.

That was my thought for the day! It’s always all about the traffic! That is the most important ingredient for success!
Emma x


Leasedadspace Review..Is It A Good Source Of Low Cost Traffic or Just Another Gimmick?…

I have been using Leasedadspace for the past couple of months (as a RED DIAMOND member) and have heard several different opinions on whether this really stacks up as both a low cost, easy to use traffic source as well as a business opportunity. I have had pretty good results so far both in terms of opt ins and sales from the traffic and in terms of earning commissions (scroll to the bottom and the proof of results is all there)..but it is like anything you need to really use the products in order to get the biggest benefits…I have made a video explaining Leasedadspace if you want to check it out rather than reading then you can view it by clicking here….don’t forget to check out the images at the bottom of the post first though!

So what is Leasedadspace?

Leasedadspace is a traffic website..the primary product is low cost traffic packages to drive eyeballs to your online opportunities. Traffic packages start at $7 and include text ads, banner ads and solo ads. Products are paid for on a member to member basis through a variety of payment methods and the structure is built on the basis of a 8 x 7 matrix.

And how much is it going to cost me?

There are several traffic packages that can be purchased with start by purchasing the basic $7 package and work your way up until eventually becoming Red Diamond.

Pearl Package – $7

8000 banner ad impressions – 4000 text ad impressions – 1 solo every 28 days.

Amethyst Package – $17

12,000 banner ad impressions – 6,000 text ad impressions – 1 solo every 14 days

Emerald Package – $27

20,000 banner ad impressions – 14,000 text ad impressions – 1 solo every 9 days

Sapphire Package -$47

24,000 banner ad impressions – 16,000 text ad impressions – 1 solo every 7 days

Ruby Package – $67

28,000 banner ad impressions – 18,000 text ad impressions – 1 solo every 5 days

Diamond Package – $87

40,000 banner ad impressions – 20,000 text ad impressions – 1 solo every 4 days

Red Diamond Package – $147 (Impressions renew EACH MONTH)

110,000 banner ad impressions – 60,000 text ad impressions – 1 solo every 48 hours

What is a banner ad, a text and and a solo?

A banner ad is an image that is placed on a website that when clicked leads through to your opportunity page.

A text ad is usually an advert in the form of a title and subject line that appears on a website that when clicked leads through to your opportunity page.

A solo ad is an advertisement in the form of an email that is sent out containing details of your opportunity. The reader receives the email, clicks the link and is sent through to your opportunity page.

How do I set up these adverts?

If you are interested in seeing how to set up your Leasedadspace adverts and having a look around the back office then you can watch the following video by clicking here for more information.

But do the adverts really work?

I have spoken to people who are having great success with Leasedadspace as well as some that find it a struggle to convert the views into opt ins and sales..below are screen shots of some of my results..the pictures show my click through rates for the different types of adverts and just a couple of the opt ins that I have tracked through the back office of my PLS backoffice..

Text Ads.



Banner Ads


Solo Ads


Opt Ins





So there we go..In my opinion Leasedadspace is a great source of starter allows you to test what works and what doesn’t for a reasonable cost and allows you to show your team members what they should be doing to get started with paid traffic. You also have the opportunity to make great commissions.

Once again if you want to take a look at the video and then get started please click here

Also if you are a member of Leasedadspace don’t forget to set up your Coinbase,Payza and STP links so that you can earn your commissions.

Hope this helped..if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Emma x

Focused Action To Explode Your Online Business

It’s that time of year again folks…the time where thoughts switch to taking a few days of well deserved rest to be with friends and family and enjoy the holiday season..but for those of us who are self employed either in traditional or online business can we ever  just switch off and take a break?

In this post I plan to discuss simple focused action steps that we should all be taking throughout the year, these actions if performed consistently should help to bring some relief in the process of business and lead generation to allow us to take that downtime and actually have some time off while our opportunities continue to work for us!

So what is focused action?

Sounds like a simplistic question but far to many of us lack this vital step to success, in a nutshell focused action is the act of planning out your goals, creating a series of simple steps, and then taking the action on them that will make those goals achievable. The most important part is to actually follow those steps in a consistent and meaningful way with a sense of purpose and without  the diversions of the usual distractions that day to day life can bring.

How many of us make a list in the morning either in our heads, or on paper of all the things that we would like to achieve that many of us then get distracted by the husband, the kids, the TV or Facebook?…how many of us get to the end of that day and feel a sense of overwhelming failure over all of those those things that we didn’t achieve?…I would hazard a guess that the percentages are high..we put to much pressure on ourselves and then get despondent when we cannot fit everything in..

So what do I do to achieve focused action?

I am going to suggest for the purpose of getting into good habits that we choose just 3 tasks each day that we MUST achieve..these tasks will vary in size and nature depending on your business and what it is that you want to achieve.Once you get into a HABIT and perform these tasks everyday with ease then additional tasks can be added.

It is important to create good habits…it is a well known fact that if we follow a course of action for  30 days then those actions help to form new neural pathways in the brain that eventually become a habit. We call this conscious competence and it is the process that the mind goes through to learn new skills and make them an automatic part of our day to day living..simply put they are skills and tasks that we complete everyday without even needing to think about the mechanics of how to do them..if we practice something often enough then it just becomes second nature and we will continue to complete those tasks as part of our day to day routine..

Some suggestions for actions to focus on

  1. Write or record an original piece of content each day
  2. Create 1-3 social media posts (do not get bogged down in the social media website, set yourself a time limit and stick to it!)
  3. Contact 3-5 people and talk to them about your business, this contact can be a message, a phone call, face to face etc
  4. Find 3 places to increase your presence on the internet, this can be adding your link to directories, creating links and relationships with other websites etc
  5. Spend 20 mins working on self development, reading books, articles, blogs and listening to audios
  6. Work on your website for 20 mins per day, improve the look and content, work on SEO
  7. Build an email list, aim to add a certain number of subscribers per day
  8. Research reliable sources of free and paid traffic
  9. Learn how to create original images and banners and then make some!
  10. Learn how to write persuasive emails, then email your contact list daily.

This is obviously a small snap shot of the many hundreds of things that you can do to start to choose your 3 areas of focused action..the 3 areas should provide REAL value to your business and the action should have measurable outcomes.

But how do I make the action FOCUSED?

The key to this is not to allow yourself to become overwhelmed..the brain is a muscle and it needs to be starting out with a few actions that have tangible results you will allow yourself to really concentrate on performing those tasks to the best of your will be able to measure those actions and see how successful you are at completing them, what you need to work on to improve and what effects those tasks have on the productivity of your business and opportunities. You will also take the pressure away from long as you complete those tasks to the best of your ability you can feel good that you have taken steps towards achieving your goals..and each step that you take gets you more exposure.there is also the added benefit that as you begin to see results you will be driven to do more!

So  how does all of this translate into that well earned rest?

It’s quite simple really, all of this focused action will expand your reach and presence in your particular market..a business (either traditional or online) will benefit greatly from having great content and reach in the public domain, you will also benefit from building a contact list.. the more focused and consistent action you take, the better your results will be..the more you measure and refine the action the more efficient you will be..this efficiency will free up time and ultimately allow you the time freedom that you need to achieve a great work and business balance!

So that’s it from me, have a productive day!

Emma x



The Importance of Self Development

Hi All,

Today I wanted to write a few words about self development and what that means in your online journey. Self development is at the very heart of internet marketing and building your own business.

It is so important that you spend time each day working on you, this can mean reading a book, listening to an audio tape, meditating, learning a new skill, taking an online course, starting a new hobby…

It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you take some action to improve your mind and improve your life…you have no idea how powerful this will be when building momentum in the opportunities  you are involved with.

We only live should be full of fun and joy and new experiences..mindset is so important to your success. A positive attitude will get you through the dark days and further illuminate the bright ones, it will give you such a clear sense of purpose and drive you towards the people who really get it..and want to share the journey and successes with you.

Here is a list of my favourite books, that may be useful in getting you started:

The Secret – Rhonda Byrne

Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert T Kikosaki

Ask and it is Given – Esther and Jerry Hicks

Meet You at The Top – Zig Zigler

The Magic of Thinking Big – David J Schwartz

The list is not exhaustive by any means..I am always finding new titles and new things to expand my mind..there is such truth in the age old saying that knowledge is power.

If you are interested in working with me to improve you life then please do not hesitate to contact can email me here or you can add me as a friend on Facebook

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Thank you for reading and have a productive day!
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Writing a Simple Business Plan For Your Online Business

What Is a Business Plan and Why Do I Need One for My Online Business?

A Business Plan sounds like something daunting but in reality it is simply a written presentation of your business idea. It can be especially useful for giving you focus when starting and for revisiting when you need motivation to achieve your goals!

So What do I Include?

You should start by creating a well thought out plan of:

  • what your business actually is
  • what the business will do, sell or offer
  • how it will be funded
  • how it will achieve its objectives
  • and how you will launch your offer.

It is really important to have a clear idea in your mind of what the business is and what you want to achieve. By working through the points above you should have an absolute vision of the business you are building and this should allow you to present the business more effectively to others who may be interested. In creating business plans for my  online businesses I always consider and document:

  • details with regards to compensation plan payouts
  • how I plan to achieve growth
  • considerations for any stock or inventory I will hold (if any)
  • cash flow considerations
  • handling distributor attrition (inactive accounts)
  • budgeting for marketing and promotion (including business cards, websites, paid traffic etc)

How Do I Get Started?

Start preparing your business plan by tackling key questions.

  • What will you really be offering and why will people buy it?
  • Where will you get the money to launch and run your business?
  • What market need will you be satisfying?
  • How will your growth strategy work, and what assumptions are you relying

What Do I Include?

1. Executive summary: This summary is an overview to catch the readers attention. It should clearly outline the ideas you hope to present.

2. Business description: This should give an outline of the businesses you have chosen and what they are all about, what you are taking to market, why you have selected the business etc.

3. Market strategies: After researching the target market and the needs that your business offer will meet, present your findings and ideas, how the business will be positioned in the market, its differentiators, and what circumstances will lead to it’s success.

4. Competitive analysis: Present competitors, their products and strategies, and how you will have a competitive edge.  Look beyond the world of network marketing and direct selling, for much of the competition exists in places you may not be looking.

5. Financial factors: DO NOT SKIP THIS PART…you must consider how you are going to fund your business..lack of capital need NOT hold you back if you have A PLAN and a strategy that takes this into consideration!

Starting and running a successful business whether traditional or online is exciting, and doing your homework is a vital factor to your success!

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B2C becomes B2B every time someone walks into an office with their smartphone in their pocket

Hunter Walk

B2C becomes B2B every time someone walks into an office with their smartphone in their pocket. It’s been amazing over the last 18 months to see Shyp make organic inroads into small businesses, retailers, marketing departments, etc not because they’ve targeted these customers or because the product has evolved specifically in their direction (more work to be done!) but because individuals in San Francisco, NYC, Miami have used the app in the personal lives. It then occurs to them that this magical service isn’t just for sending a gift or returning an ecommerce purchase but can be used for jobs big and small, one-offs or reoccurring. There’s a car dealership using Shyp to send 75+ parts per week to mail order customers. There’s a SF-based unicorn startup which did $20,000 of shipping with Shyp one week. There’s a major league pro sports team which sent expensive memorabilia to select season…

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